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Ozarks Remodeling & Design was founded in 2002 in Springfield, Missouri, with the intention of bringing good, hard work and quality design to homes in the local area. Over the years we have designed and built a beautiful portfolio of home renovations and custom remodels, ranging from kitchens and bathrooms to sunrooms, basements, outdoor living spaces, and more.

Our home remodeling company is dedicated to helping homeowners in the area live life to the fullest in their homes. We provide home remodeling and renovation services throughout the Springfield, Missouri area, including Battlefield, Billings, Fremont Hills, Highlandville, Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Rogersville, Springfield, and Willard.

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Aaron Wyssmann

Aaron Wyssmann

“Let me introduce myself. Ever since I can remember I’ve been tearing things apart and putting them back together. I remember getting a toy for Christmas and having taken it apart a day later to see how it worked, that’s just how my mind works. In college I got to go and build a log cabin for a summer in the mountains of Northern Utah and see how a house was put together from start to finish. That’s where it all started for me in terms of my love for construction. So now I get to do what I’ve always loved.

In 2002 I started building new construction homes and later added doing remodels and flips. What I love is the challenge that each project brings. Everything from deciding what will be the best functional use for a space to determining a budget and timeline for a project. But my absolute favorite is the people that work with me on my team and the great customers we serve. I love to stay in touch with my customers and be of the highest service.

I seek in all my business transactions to treat my customers as I would want to be treated. We show up on time, do the work asked of us and guarantee what we do. I don’t promise to get it right the first time but I do promise to do it until it is right. I think what I most enjoy is that no two projects are the same. There’s always something new that pops up and that’s what makes my life interesting.

It is my hope is that you will grant us the highest honor and trust us with your property. We promise to take excellent care of it.”

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