Remodeling for Aging in Place

Home Renovations for Seniors in Springfield, MO

Getting older carries its fair share of ups, downs, and occasional moments of uncertainty. But one thing that should always remain constant is that your house should be your home. For many of us moving out of our homes isn’t an option we want to face. Thankfully, home remodeling can help you to stay in your home for longer.

At Ozarks Remodeling & Design, our team has been handling successful remodel and renovation projects in the Springfield area for years, offering clients a level of craftsmanship and quality that they can trust, and services that place the project and our clients first. Whether you’re looking for adjustments to your space, or a full redesign and rethink of how your home flows, we’ve got the experience and expertise you need.

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What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is about keeping life normal, or if possible, improving your day to day life in your home as you age. This can be accomplished many ways, ranging from lighting additions and adjustments, all the way to downsizing a kitchen or adding mobility and access tools. It’s all about suiting your needs so that you can stay right where you are, and so that you can stay comfortable and attain a higher overall quality of life.

Aging in Place Renovations in Springfield, MO

Our design specialists and master craftsmen are fully dedicated to helping you create a space that is safer, easier to navigate, and feels better. Our breadth of knowledge and experience makes us uniquely capable of offering customized renovation options to our clients, meaning no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find our experts more than capable of accommodating.

We offer a full range of aging in place services, and can handle projects including:

  • Lighting adjustments – Visibility is a very important part of aging in place, and our experts can offer a full suite of overhead lighting, task lighting, directional lighting, and other options to suit your needs.
  • Window additions – Artificial light has its uses, but natural light can be a very beneficial and luxurious addition to a space, opening up your home to feel more comfortable while also keeping visibility high.
  • Home access additions – Hand railings, height-adjusted knobs and drawers, and no-step home access are very popular and effective options.
  • Low-maintenance home remodels – Keeping up with a home can be daunting for any of us, and so low-maintenance materials like vinyl siding and fiberglass exterior options are an excellent choice that doesn’t sacrifice visual appeal.
  • Non-slip flooring options – Keeping a sure step take a high priority, and our team can offer a wide range of handsome and appealing wood, tiled, and synthetic flooring options.
  • Walk-in showers and baths – Getting around bathrooms can become a trial, but with the right walk-in setup, the process can remain easy and annoyance-free.
  • Kitchen reduction – An oversized kitchen can be more bothersome and challenging than necessary, and so size and layout reduction can be a helpful way to redesign and rethink your kitchen space.  
  • And more!

Aging in Place Services in Springfield, MO

Interested in finding out more about any of our services, or looking for a customized solution that isn’t included on our list? We have the training necessary to accomplish your home remodeling goals on time and on budget.

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