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Most homeowners know that renovation not only makes their home more pleasant to live in, but it can also play a key role in selling the property and maximizing its value. In fact, 35% of remodeling projects involve the entire home, complete with unique kitchen remodels, bathroom alterations, and perhaps even a sunroom remodel for a total reinvigoration of the living space. Changes of this scale are not for everyone, though, and many people choose to focus their energy and resources on improving one room at a time. For a lot of homeowners, this starts with the bathroom.

When you find the right bathroom remodeling contractors, the sky is the limit. If you are going through with a renovation, you might as well get the greatest return on your investment and go for designs that are truly eye-catching. If you are looking for inspiration, consider these incredible bathroom design ideas.

  1. Incorporate plant life into the design

    The bathroom should be a refreshing and serene area. Studies suggest that the presence of plants indoors can actually serve to reduce stress, manifested both physically and mentally, through their suppression of overactivity in the autonomic nervous system. Hang some plants from the ceiling, place some on the window sill, and use natural wicker baskets and bamboo mats to transform your bathroom to a nature retreat.
  2. Use simple, elegant colors

    Painting a bathroom mostly black allows small white and gold accents to stand out in sharp, stunning relief. Any artwork hung in a monochromatic bathroom too will be elevated by the lack of distractions. If you work with your bathroom remodeling contractors to create a space that is mostly white, glass and porcelain features will blend seamlessly, creating a design unrivaled in its cohesion.
  3. Utilize minimalism

    No one wants to get ready in a cluttered bathroom. Designs which involve large amounts of hidden storage and negative space feel roomy, relaxing, and luxurious. Elegant, understated design choices such as minimally decorated stone countertops are the perfect choice for bathrooms meant to make a statement. Large mirrors can increase the perceived size of the room as well.

When renovating your bathroom, do not be afraid to go for bold design choices that will elevate your home. For bathroom remodeling contractors who will work with you every step of the way with stunning results, call Ozarks Remodeling and Design.

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