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Rustic bathroom style is still hugely popular among many homeowners. Rustic bathrooms are so cozy, unique and nostalgic. It takes the best of nature, farmhouse chic, and craftsman characteristics and combines them to take a sometimes cold feeling space and makes it feel warm. Here are a few examples of unique rustic bathroom vanities that will upgrade your outhouse in a flash!

The Live Edge Slab Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Live Edge Vanity Top- Ozarks Remodeling

A live edge is when a slab of wood has not been cut on all sides and the natural edge of the tree is visible. This is an incredible feature to have in your home, whether it is your bathroom vanity, your kitchen countertop, island top, or kitchen table. It can be used in so many ways and is fairly affordable! Look for a local lumber yard to help you out. Now, just find the perfect vessel, undermount or drop in sink and you’ve got a rustic look instantly!

Bourbon Barrel Bathroom Vanity

Bourbon Barrel Vanity- Ozarks Remodeling

Have you ever thought about using bourbon barrels as a bathroom vanity? You can use an undermount or drop-in sink, but the easiest would be a vessel sink, as you only need to drill one small hole, and not much more. Regardless of where you live, this is a great rustic touch for a bathroom.

Industrial Farm Trough Bathroom Vanity

Industrial Trough- Ozarks Remodeling

This is such a creative idea! You definitely need some space to pull off this bathroom vanity, but how unique! Finding an old farm trough may be the hardest part, but after that, simply create some wood countertops, polyurethane of course, and add a stainless steel undermount sink (found here). Voila! Rustic bathroom accomplished.

Distressed Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom vanity

One of our favorite rustic bathroom vanity ideas is to take an old antique piece of furniture, update it (or not) and add a vessel sink. It is pretty easy and painless. It adds a beautiful farmhouse chic feel to your bathroom that you just can’t find brand new. 

These are just a few of our favorite vanity ideas but there are SO many more! Think outside the box and keep your eyes peeled for unique furniture or vintage items that you could transform into the perfect rustic vanity.

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