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Outdoor living spaces are one part of our home that we would love to hang out in. Most especially these days as we are obliged to stay home as one way to flatten the curve of being infected and sick. Outdoor living space is a favorite place especially if we want to take a break from household chores and other tasks. But how can that be possible if your outdoor living space is occupied with tons of weeds and dry leaves?

Outdoor living space whether it’s a porch, patio, terrace or deck is ideal to upgrade while you are spending most of your time at home. Ozark’s Remodeling has gathered the 5 easy ways to upgrade your outdoor living space. 

Add a Pergola

Adding a pergola to your outdoor living space can help define your patio. A pergola offers sun protection without blocking the gentle breeze of fresh air. If you already have an existing pergola, you can add seats, chairs or sofa or simply upgrade the existing seats to provide comfortability and convenience while hanging out in the pergola. You may consider using the tree boughs for a roof or install sunroof to make your pergola a perfect hang out zone for anyone. It will definitely lend your outdoor living space more privacy, shade, and shelter.

Add a Pathway to Your Outdoor Living Space

Add a pathway of stones, gravel or sand if your outdoor living space has no dividing point. The trail is useful to mark specific areas of the yard like a garden, play area for kids, and dining spot.

Install an Above or In-Ground Pool 

It’s hard to deny the fact that cool waters will bring your family together in one hot spot in your home. Installing an above or in-ground swimming pool could offer memorable family moments that can be a great advantage of staying at home. It is a stress reliever from the health crisis we are facing nowadays. Swimming pools are substantial in providing entertainment and offer a great form of exercise to everyone. 

Enhance the Deck, Patio, Terrace or Porch

One good way to eat with your whole family outdoors is by adding a barbecue griller and dining table and chairs to your deck or patio. You may also build a customized kitchen or bar stock with all the necessary items to make this quarantine period-perfect to bond with your family and loved ones. In addition to that, outdoor bars and kitchens can make food preparation and cook much easier. 

You can also add a surround sound system that will allow everyone to dance to the beat and rhythm of the music while enjoying the fresh air outdoors. 

You can add and light up a fireplace that is built from landscape blocks to your patio. It is best to begin with a solid base of gravel that has been compacted. In addition to this, you may also  opt for an unused terra cotta pot to heat a corner of the deck. It is best to light scented candles that will create an aromatic ambiance. 

You can also put a column fountain or build a small waterfall to bring tranquility to your outdoor living space. Just keep in mind that there  is a spigot for replacing evaporated water and an outlet for running the pump. 

Adding a sizable porch swing into your patio will make it feel more cozy to hang out by simply sitting and reading a book, checking out facebook or instagram or watching your favorite Netflix series. 

Light Up The Outdoor Living Space 

The easiest way to upgrade your outdoor living space that would give a big impact is putting up some lights. String lights are perfect and work well for small patios and would look great in any outdoor living space. Setting up the string lights by connecting them to the tree branches would give a fabulous impression. You may also install new light fixtures around a deck or patio to give your eating area a new look. There are many alternative choices to choose from depending on your space and your style.

Every nation is taking precautionary measures and staying safe and healthy amidst the outbreak. Staying at home can bring a lot of boredom but if you look on the brighter side, there are a lot of positive things that can lift us up in this slower lifestyle. In view of this, Ozark’s Remodeling is introducing a new way to keep you safe and your plans on schedule by offering a virtual consultation and design meeting to our homeowners.  

Ozark’s Remodeling can help you determine the perfect upgrade and remodeling design ideas for your outdoor living space. Schedule your virtual consultation with us today by clicking the link below


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