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We’re halfway through 2019, and many homeowners have been renovating and remodeling their homes to add more personality to their spaces. These renovations have sparked some of the year’s most popular trends including bare minimalism.

To help you get an idea of what you can look forward to for the rest of 2019, here are some of the top kitchen remodeling trends we’ve been seeing so far this year.

Bare minimalism with style

Minimalism has been a major trend for the last few years, and now bare minimalism is making a statement. Bare minimalism is characterized by open shelving with kitchen supplies on display.

This trend has been pairing up with other design styles as well to create a chic kitchen design. For example, the farmhouse style has become a popular kitchen staple and bare minimalism helps to emphasize the style’s focus on deep, rich wood and textures.

Banquet seating to set the table

Banquette seating has slowly been creeping its way into kitchen remodeling trends since it first began popping up in 2018. This seating arrangement creates an intimate and casual dining area while making use of your kitchen’s corners.

Banquette seating developed as a direct response to the influx of dine-in seating that’s been popping up along with marble bar areas in the kitchen. The banquette style brings people out of the bar and back into the booth.

Pops of color where you least expect them

There’s been a major trend this year with bathroom remodels where homeowners are getting rid of the white cabinets and tile and laying on unique colors. The same is true of kitchen remodels this year.

Many homeowners are choosing to go bold with their kitchens and put their bright white cabinets to rest. This year, you can expect to see kitchens with bold backsplashes, navy blue cabinets with white backsplashes, or white cabinets with colorful tiled flooring. Contrast is key.

Ready to renovate your kitchen this summer?

If you’re interested in renovating your home this summer, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a recent survey, approximately two-thirds of homeowners say they’re planning on renovating or remodeling a room in their home.

Whether unique kitchen remodeling, master bedroom remodels, or a bathroom remodel is on the to-do list this season, Ozarks Remodeling has got you covered. To learn more about our home remodeling services, contact Ozarks Remodeling today.

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