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Are you looking to remodel your bathroom next year? Try to research the different bathroom trends to look out for 2020. There are definitely a lot of great and inspiring ideas on how bathroom trends would be. 

Here are a few of the bathroom trends that we have gathered to give inspire you on your bathroom remodeling plans. 

Black is  A Great Color Choice!

You should consider black as a base because of the many things it can do with other stuff. 

  • It generates a clean aesthetic!

Black has the same effect that white does. It gives a good proportion and a clean look to your space. 

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  • It balances depth and mood! 

Black is sexier and full of mystery giving your home some added depth and character that others may not have.

  • It gives warmth and welcoming space!

Darker colors make it feel smaller while light colors expand a space. When you have a room that you want to feel cozy, but that is very large, you might need to use darker shades to give it that homey feel you crave.

  • It stands out and unique!

Never before has so much black — particularly in a monotone design — been popular for homes. This gives your home a very unique, striking appearance, one that will certainly stand out among the rest and ensure that your space is memorable and interesting as well.

Biophilic design 

This biophilic design trend will be loved by nature lovers! This creates connection between man and nature. The study says that men are much more efficient and performing, calmer and more focused if we’re surrounded by nature. 

  • A quick way to make the bathroom thrown into nature is to integrate many plants into the decor. 
  • You can create a wall full of greenery or pick natural material tiles. 
  • You can choose for a standalone tub and an oddly shaped sink to inspire nature’s natural shapes. 
  • In terms of colors for space, opt for soothing tones with some whites, greys, and greens.
  • For a powder room, wallpaper with greenery on it would be best. 
  • Lighting also plays a pretty big role when we connect with nature. 
  • Adding a skylight or big windows – or a dimmer – will allow you to mimic the natural light found outdoors.

Living Cultural Traditions: 

Free Standing Vanities

It’s an easy way to save money elsewhere during a renovation. A sink that doubles as a piece of furniture in the bathroom has always been a smart way to add storage. Vanities with beautiful shaker detailing on the doors in bold colors like navy and greens can be a great way to create a focal point for your bathroom. 

Standalone tubs and water basins can be quite the showstoppers. Designers redesign and rethink what they should look like. Like getting inspired by Japanese bathrooms, natural asymmetrical shapes, and artisanal vibes. This is a back-to-basics style that puts our origins and culture at the forefront through its imperfect, yet subtle and refined, shapes. 

  • Your standalone tub can be installed by a wall, right in the middle of the space, or even in a corner! It all depends on the space you have available. 
  • For the washbasins, go for natural, rough-looking materials like stone, concrete, marble, etc. 
  • Keeping the natural mat look of the stone is ideal and picking stones with many prominent veins is totally fine!

Console-Style Vanities

2020 is all about console-like vanities as opposed to massive furnishing. It’s especially ideal for small spaces as it allows the room to look much bigger. It does not obstruct the space with a massive looking vanity. Powder rooms benefit from this trend.

Modern bathroom shower room with toilet and amenities.

To be able to integrate this look, you’ll need to only keep necessities in your space. Given that bathrooms are warm and humid, anything that can “spoil” (e.g. perfumes) will need to stored away to keep.

Open Showers Are The Way to Go

Talking of showers, the open-concept Italian showers are quite on-trend. Most especially those that are multi-functional and fully equipped:

  • Integrated bench 
  • Misting system
  • Ambient lighting 
  • Anti-fog mirror 
  • Linear drain

The new trend is also to include the tub in the shower area! A shower/bath space can be separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass wall. The advantage of such a look is giving the bathroom look more spacious. 

  • A shower-bath can be a great idea, but not so practical on a daily use basis. 
  • Any water or soap residues not only end up at the bottom of your shower but also your bath if you have them both combined as one. 
  • If your space permits, we suggest going for an open shower and a separate bathtub.

Simple Bathroom Decors

If you’re into minimalist bathroom designs, this look’s for you! With glass-walled open showers at their height, many bathroom fitting companies went above and beyond to create a variety of minimalistic fittings. They’re all unique and interesting. Goodbye chrome! It’s time to pick between black, gold, copper, brushed or shined.

Opt for simple looking bathroom vanity. Unique bathroom fittings should be combined with simple-looking tiling so they can be at the forefront of your bathroom’s design. It’s best to get an open or glass-walled shower as well.

Lightings Must in the Bathroom

The number one incredibly important in the bathroom is the Lightings. Not because of aesthetic purposes, but also for practicality. The lighting trends for next year inclined more Next year’s trend is headed towards minimalist and linear lighting, which allows other elements in the bathroom to shine brightly. Light fixtures and appliqués are also popular but will be characterized by simple and pure lines.

If you plan on remodeling your entire bathroom, consider installing light strips between walls and dropped ceilings. If that’s not possible, opt for a mirror with integrated lighting.

Take on Tiles!

  • Patterned Tiles 

These are also geometric tiles that are a versatile trend that can fit almost any bathroom color and decor schemes, as you can choose specific colors and patterns to get the best look. In 2020, this trend will be taking a bolder turn color-wise, but softer shades of tiles will still be perfect to incorporate in a more neutral scheme or in bathrooms with wooden accents.

  • Marble Tiles 

Create a clean and sophisticated ambiance in the bathroom by applying marble flooring. Carrera, Statuary and Calacatta Gold are great options for white marble with grey veins that will provide a natural and elegant texture to the marble tiles. Using black marble is a bolder idea that would suit an all-black bathroom like a glove.

  • Bohemian Style Tiles

This trend emphasizes the use of vintage elements and accents in a modern bathroom as a form of decoration and elevated design. Bohemian tiles can be colorful and all kinds of vintage patterns are available, which makes it easier to incorporate in a design scheme and a great way to add some color to the room.

It’s not because a certain tile is expensive that it’s nice. Designers are having fun with new styles, but it’s always best to go for a more elegant look that’ll stand the test of time. If you absolutely want to go for colored tiles, opt for dark or light tones, but nothing too flashy.

There are many bathroom ideas and the possibilities are endless. So I suggest you picture out the kind of bathroom you want and have fun with these bathroom trends. If you are confused and need help, contact Ozarks Remodelling. Their expertise and ideas combined with your vision can do wonders for your bathroom. 

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