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Outdoor living space is becoming popular nowadays. One of the reasons why many are drawn to this is the evolution of technology. Outdoor living space may come from the usable space of your backyard. Whether your yard is small or large, an outdoor living space enables you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors rain or shine.

The transformation of your backyard into an entertaining area, a resort-style cabana with a terrace around the pool, or a pergola set-up, creating an outdoor living space adds extra value to your home. Most of all outdoor living space helps in creating stronger families. 

Ozarks Remodeling and Design has been serving the community in Springfield, Missouri for many years. We are passionate about home remodels. Here are our outdoor living spaces project ideas:

Outdoor Living Space in Quail Creek, Springfield

The outdoor living space project in Quail Creek is bringing out the dining room outdoors. The concept of this project is very detailed to look as if they are indoors. But wait, try to give another look and realize that everything is designed to stand up to the elements that speak of the homeowner’s personality and style. 

Any occasion can be celebrated like birthdays, holidays, and family get-togethers and enjoy the celebration in your own unique space that will ‘wow’ everyone. Moreover, the kids can maximize their playtime and space where you can always see them or even join them. 

A barbecue grill is an add-on to spice up your stay in this outdoor living space. Although some outdoor living spaces bring a fully equipped kitchen area outdoors to avoid cleaning up inside. 

This outdoor living provides a space for you to get away from work and the pressures of life and take in your surroundings. Outdoor spaces are therapeutic as you focus on your senses and enjoy the moment.

This outdoor living room is a perfect place to relax and feel the tranquility of nature after a meal. Even if there is a celebration, you don’t have to worry about everyone crowding in the living room when there’s an array of comfortable outdoor furniture waiting outdoors. 

Outdoor Living Space in South Patton, Springfield

This outdoor living space project in South Patton shows the simplicity and tranquility of nature with a touch of country style. Setting up the barbecue grill right outside the room is perfect for a group gathering or spending family time together whenever you want. 

The earthy colors and natural wood walls blend well with the classic blue chairs that spice up the ambiance of the space. It is perfect for relaxation at any time of the day. 

Outdoor living space is an extension of your home rather than a separate space. Utilize what you already have in your backyard. Then buy key furniture pieces to make it a space that you love to spend time in.

Outdoor Living Space in Meadow View Road, Springfield

This outdoor living space project is built with a classic mainstay of a fireplace. There are many who love to spend warm evenings relaxing around the fire as the heat of the day banishes. But fire pits evolved in art over the years which turned out to look more like “fire features” than the traditional fire pits. 

Outdoor living space is not only adding value to your home. But also helps to relieve stress. Spending more time outdoors can also help boost your immune system. Many people believe that people who are usually spending time in nature are often healthier and happier. 

This outdoor living space portrays the simplicity of its transformation and achieves the functionality of the space. The setting up of a pergola instead of a covered roofing system speaks of the homeowner’s taste and demands.

Ozarks Remodeling and Design understand the importance of keeping it local when it comes to customer service and understanding our clients’ needs. If you are inspired by our outdoor living space projects, or you need help on your home remodeling projects, give us a call and schedule your consultation today. 


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