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Ozark’s Remodeling has been toying around with the idea for some time to make our initial budget and design consultation more convenient for our busy customers. It now seems like the perfect time to launch the Virtual Design Consultation. As the world is facing a global health crisis nowadays. This outbreak is affecting everywhere and everyone from small communities to the whole nation. 

There are several precautionary measures done to keep everyone safe. That is why we are advised:

  • To stay at home
  • To practice proper hygiene sanitation always 
  • Strictly observe social distancing and 
  • Wear masks every time you go out

Ozark’s Remodeling and Design support the fight against this global pandemic that we are facing.  Our employees are limiting their contact with the public and are mindful of their own health conditions.  We are taking precautions such as social distancing and hand washing to protect our customers. 

Ozark’s Remodeling is still open for business and continuing to serve our current and future customers with their projects during this time. We are introducing a new way to discuss with you about your remodeling projects through Virtual Design Consultation. The power of technology allows us to meet with customers and keep everyone safe in the process.  Our goal is to help your project completion timeline. So that you can be ready to move forward once the outbreak lifts.

Here’s How Virtual Design Consultation Works:

Platforms to Use for the Virtual Design Consultation

We can walk through your project together, answer your questions and get a few simple measurements by using the following platforms on your phone or tablet:

  • FaceTime
  • Zoom
  • Facebook Video Chat 
  • Other free video chat services  

Estimation of the Budget

We can then talk about what a budget range might look like for your project. We will set the time to get detailed measurements and pictures once the budget range makes sense. Thus, we can sign a Project Services Proposal, typically taking less than 20 minutes.  This will allow us to get to work on preparing either your design or a detailed proposal for your project.

Remodeling Project Presentation

We’ll schedule another appointment once the design or proposal is complete. The virtual design consultation will either be video chat or in-person to present to you a detailed plan for your project

For initial design consultations, the Ozark’s remodeling team will conduct virtual visits in your home with the use of free technology. Upon contacting the Ozark’s Remodeling team, please let us know which option you prefer and how we might be able to serve you best. 

>>> https://www.ozarksremodeling.com/consultation