The Basics of Whole House Remodeling - Ozarks Remodeling & Design

Whole house remodeling is quite different from upgrading a room or simple remodeling of your bath space. This kind of project takes time, money, and several steps to be aware of. Whole house remodeling should involve dedicated and thorough planning, solid and wise decisions and realistic goals. Most of all, a great team of remodelers and designers to help you achieve your dream house into a reality. 

Ozark’s Remodeling and Design have been remodeling homes and the neighboring communities in Springfield, Missouri since 2002. We have the experience and the expertise to transform your home into space you have always wanted. Our experts make sure to treat you and your home with the attention and care you deserve. 

Ozark’s experts want to ensure that your whole house remodeling project goes smoothly as possible with a detailed timeline for the project. So we have gathered for you the essential tips and information on the basics of whole house remodeling. 

Hiring the Professionals and Experts of Whole House Remodeling 

If you are planning to Do-It-Yourself for the whole house remodeling project, I strongly say NO! I would not recommend you to go DIY unless you are a contractor yourself.  But instead, hire a professional home remodeler that would help you realize your dream house. Take the first step to research the home remodelers in your area and know their expertise, processes, and specialty. 

Drawing the Plan and The Estimation of the Project 

So, the whole house remodeling project team has been identified. Next, draw the design plan! You have to work together with your team to develop the design plan. You have your creative ideas and the purpose of the remodeling project. Once these ideas and purposes are combined with the suggestions and ideas of your remodeler., you are not going far in achieving your dream house.

Make sure to list all of the specifications that you want to do in every space of your house. It is best to communicate these ideas to your remodeler. Doing so will help you get options or suggestions on what would be the best materials or processes to be done. Don’t ever forget to discuss your maximum budget for the whole house remodeling project. The whole house remodeling project can be costly especially when you are upgrading or making changes to every space of your home. 

In every project, estimation of costs is one of the essential details that you need to discuss with your remodeling contractor. You must consult your remodeling contractor and draw an estimate of the cost of your whole house remodeling project.

Here are some options you have:

  • a traditional home equity loan
  • simple equity loan
  • use some portion of your savings

You also have to keep in mind to keep your expenses within the budget. This will help you avoid debts and delays in the completion of your whole house remodeling project.

Securing Your Financing, Permit and Zoning Needs

The processing of your zoning permits and securing your financing needs may take weeks or months to complete. Thus, it would be best to prepare all of the requirements needed for the loan and zoning permits. you should process these as early as possible. I suggest you process these as early as possible. You should get approval well in advance of your whole house remodeling project start date. 

Commencing the Whole House Remodeling Project 

You may commence your whole house remodeling project once you have all of the permits, materials for the project, the home remodeling contractors and the family homeowner are ready.

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