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Believe it or not, crafting a tiny bathroom that’s full of style is not impossible. Everything from clever storage choices to statement wallpaper can make a petite bathroom feel more airy, open, and charming.

And no, you won’t have to spend a million dollars to remodel your tiny bathroom to make it look huge. These tiny bathroom designs go beyond making the most of the available space. It also proves that bold design elements can be right at home even the tiniest rooms. 

Tiny Doesn’t Mean Impractical

A tiny bathroom can be just as functional and practical as the larger version. If you know how the tricks work, you’ll find yourself with extra space. Your tiny bathroom won’t feel so cramped. The tiny bathroom also teaches you how to keep your toiletries to a minimum.

With a few thoughtful modifications and improvements, the tiny bathroom can be functional and even practical. You don’t need a ton of space if you only need to shower, pee, and wash your hands. 

So, faced with a small bathroom but not sure if you can handle it? 

Here are some ideas to make it better and maybe convince you that tiny bathrooms aren’t so bad after all.

  • Use Dark Paint

According to many experts like The Spruce, dark colors like Brown, Black, Dark Blue, and Dark Green give depth and creates an illusion of a larger space.  The hue will simultaneously impart a big-night-sky effect and also bounce the little light you have around the space. This will also draw attention to the light fixtures. It is best to choose them with bulbs that bring in plenty of light and shapes.

  • Make It A Wet Room

Well, if you transform your tiny bathroom into a wet room that includes your toilet within the showering space, you totally can. You could pee and shower in the same space? Or, pee while you shower, while sitting on the toilet.

Depending on how the current bathroom is set up, you might have to tile it up for water use. Add a drain in the floor and a little ledge to keep water out of the rest of your home, but overall this isn’t too difficult to manage. 

  • Try a Large-Scale Wall Covering

Go BIG! Large-scale wallpapers and tile patterns can actually make space feel larger. Large tiles or bigger patterns will both give an illusionary scale in tight quarters.

Take on Tile as well. Tile is a durable way to add impact and can be used from floor to ceiling. For smaller bathroom walls, ceramic tiles that are small in size measuring one-by-four and two-by-six floor tiles which are also less expensive.

  • Use Height to Your Advantage

A tiny bathroom still comes with walls. I suggest you use height to your advantage by storing items high up instead of close to the floor. 

Put often-used and common items within reach. While the items you use more rarely higher up, on shelves. If you’re worried about hitting your head on hard bins, you can always hang soft mesh, plastic and fabric organizers for the things you use the most.

  • Mirror A Wall

Try to consider putting a whole mirror on the whole wall of your tiny bathroom. The reflection of light and pattern and even the open door will do the same good work a window does.

Putting a backlight to the mirror can be a chic and modern way to amplify light. This is a great idea if you do not have room for sconces or simply want a more minimalistic look.

  • Opt for a Glass Door

Glass shower doors would give a statement to a tiny bathroom. Most especially if you’re starting from scratch, consider scrapping the curtain entirely. Glass shower doors will help to open up the space. 

  • Give the Curtain a Lift

Take the curtain fabric all the way up. Make sure it is past the usual height of the tub. Extending the curtain nearly to the ceiling will certainly elongate the walls. The taller your ceiling in the bathroom, the more it will make your tiny bathroom look huge. 

  • Keep the Floor Clear

Keeping the floor clear means putting a pedestal or floating sink. Installing floating storage will help keep everything you need at arm’s length. 

Covering the floor with a vanity or storage containers can create a cramped space; not to mention tripping hazards. 

  • Choose Compact Pieces

While hulking vanities and blocky tubs may look at home in a larger bathroom, they can make a tiny bathroom feel claustrophobic. Install compact toilets and sinks or consider floating versions to open up the space. 

The toilet-sink combo is an amazing space and water-saver. This idea came all the way from Japan where space is at a premium. You can buy a full toilet-sink combo and replace the toilet you already have, or change the cover of your toilet with something like the Sink Positive, which you can easily install by yourself.

This is quite beneficial to you as it saves space and saves water all in one. This means you don’t have to waste any wall area on a pedestal sink or a small vanity, and can actually have more space to sit and stretch your legs.

  • Switch to a Narrow sink 

You don’t need a ton of space to wash your hands. Sometimes just a little area is enough. For more floor space, you can purchase a floating sink with a small cabinet space underneath to hide the pipes. Otherwise, a traditional but narrow-sized sink will do the trick, as long as you get the narrow vanity to go with it. 

Narrow sinks give you all the functionality you need for simple tasks like washing your hands or brushing your teeth, without taking all the space of a traditional sink.

  • Find a Tiny Tub That Fits

If a tub is a must, consider a Japanese soaking tub to add serenity without taking up square footage. If you don’t need a palatial bathroom to fit one in and making the right choice and process, find a tub that’ll fit into your bathroom and nice spa tubs at that.

cost to redo a bathroom

If you have a weirdly shaped bathroom, like in an attic or under an eave, you can place the tub under it to save space. All you need is to bend a little when you get it, but otherwise, it means making the best use of the space you have.

Install a Tankless Toilet

Removing the tank factor from your toilet makes your toilet sleeker, less noticeable, and definitely less prominent. Whether you choose a tankless model or one whose tank is hidden in the wall, you’ll have a few more inches for your legs when you sit, and extra space for whatever else you need to do in the bathroom.

Remember that tankless toilets still need access to plumbing, so you can’t just change their position in the bathroom easily. Sometimes installing a tankless toilet comes with some extra expenses, but if you really want that extra space, it might be worth it!

  • Put It in the Corner

Take full advantage of the space in your tiny bathroom by using the corners. One thing you can do is install a wall-hung or pedestal corner sink to save space on either side of the walls for things like towels, a toilet and maybe a tiny tub.

This is also dependent on where and how your plumbing is installed. If in doubt, consult a professional plumber to see if you can move a few pipes so you can install your new sink where you want it.

Who says that a tiny bathroom is a problem is? I don’t think so. I mean, it’s not exactly the number one deal-breaker. But there is a lot of huge potential of tiny bathrooms. 

If you need help with your bathroom remodel, call Ozarks Remodeling. They will help you prepare your budget, timelines, choosing materials and brands, guides you on each step, helps choose design style and layout.

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