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A kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive and complicated remodeling projects. Many great kitchen renovations end up in disappointment to homeowners. Lack of planning and time to determine what they really wanted and what they could afford are the common factors.

You can start asking yourself what are the persistent problems you experience with your current kitchen. Some questions that can help you identify them are:

  • Do you have a little space to cook efficiently? 
  • Is your kitchen space too little to store food and dishwares? 
  • Do you want a bigger dining area?
  • Are you planning to upgrade efficient appliances? 
  • Is your kitchen outdated and boring?

You should initiate your priority list of things that you want in your kitchen space. Similarly, you should list them to rank according to their importance. It’s favorable to distinguish what you simply want and those that you actually need. 

Next, you can start listing the questions you wanted to ask your general contractor. Here are the top 4 things that you can ask your general contractor about the kitchen renovation project.

Can you provide a detailed kitchen design plan?

In the initial meeting with the contractor, architect and the rest that will be involved in the kitchen renovation project, it is best to get everything in writing what was discussed and agreed on at the meeting. 

It is best to have a dated blueprint of your desired kitchen renovation design plan and contract. In addition to that, the kitchen design plan must include the itemized list of labor and materials, with prices, from carpentry to electrical work. 

How much will this kitchen renovation project cost?

This is an important question that you should not miss asking your contractor. You should make sure to put into writing the costs and estimates of the kitchen renovation project.

What’s your input on the kitchen renovation design?

It is wise to ask the personal opinion of your contractor about your kitchen design plan. They have a better understanding and experience with how the kitchen renovation is done. They can tell if the design plan is beneficial on your end or not.

What’s the best way for us to communicate?

It is great to know what will be the primary way to communicate with your contractor.  It is important to get the physical business address, business, and cell phone numbers of the contractor you’re working with. 

Find out if your contractor prefers email or phone conversations. Get the contact details of the contractor and the contact details of the project manager. I suggest that you should ask how your contractor will be documenting your discussions.

You may read our previous blog about the open-concept kitchen to help you with your kitchen renovation project. Are you ready to start your kitchen remodeling project?

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