Is It Time to Remodel Your Bathroom? - Ozarks Remodeling & Design

Home remodeling is as popular as ever, especially for bathrooms. Close to two-thirds of homeowner respondents to a recent survey indicated that they are planning on renovating. And, over 80% of homeowners undertaking renovations are doing a home bathroom remodel, replacing floors, countertops, showers, and sinks. It’s a nice refresh to your home, and bathroom additions provide a healthy return on your investment of about 86.4%. Whether your bathroom makeover is for a small powder room or grand master bath, smart ideas and expert bathroom remodeling contractors are key.

Small Bathroom Makeovers

  • Smaller bathrooms can seem like a headache with no fix, but you can make the most of these spaces. Bathroom remodeling contractors are experts in this area and can help you decide on, and implement, design changes that will make you happy in your home bathroom.
  • Some ideas for small bathrooms include installing a corner sink. These sinks fit neatly into a corner and act as effective space-savers.
  • Avoid shower doors that open out into the bathroom. Instead, consider sliding doors or an attractive shower curtain and liner.
  • For the sake of your hipbones, consider sinks and vanities with rounded corners. We’ve all been in that tiny cafe powder room that lacks room to allow for entering or existing without making painful contact with sharp-cornered sinks or vanities. And no one wants that at home!
  • Make use of over-the-door hangers for items like towels, your bathrobe, and mesh carriers for your toiletries.

Master Bedroom Bathroom

  • A master bathroom should be your own personal zen zone. This is essentially your home spa. Make sure it feels like one!
  • Get yourself a fabulous tub. Whether you favor the charm of claw-footed tubs or a modern tub with jacuzzi water jets and stairs required to get in, this is your piece of luxury. Depending on your style, you might even throw in a chandelier.
  • With a large expanse of wall to work with, you have plenty of space for a painted or tiled mural. A mosaic turns your bath into a small art gallery.
  • Include a solid amount of greenery. If you’ve not got a green thumb, go for faux plants or live greens that require the little maintenance. Mornings can be stressful. Creating a relaxing space for both your harried morning and your evening relaxation is a great way to keep stress levels lower.

No matter your style, Ozarks Remodeling and Design can get the job done.