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Remodeling a bathroom is a significant mental and financial investment. From choosing a new bathtub to picking out colors and materials, every single decision has an impact on a bathroom’s ambiance.

New design trends go in and out of style so quickly that we’re hardly finished with the last home improvement project when the next one hits.

Design trends are meant to inspire you; to introduce you to new patterns or techniques you might not have considered. 

Regardless of taste, it’s important to think about how a bathroom will look five, ten or even twenty years down the line. Because if a homeowner doesn’t want to be remodeling every few years, avoiding modern trends might be a good idea.

Read on to know which design is best for a trendy or timeless bathroom. 

Trend: Floor to ceiling tile. Timeless: Natural colors

To achieve a timelessly fresh bathroom go for white color.  Whіtе аllоwѕ іnfіnіtе соmbіnаtіоnѕ wіth оthеr соlоrѕ. Ѕоft nеutrаl соlоrѕ ѕuсh аѕ сrеаm, bеіgе аnd thе vеrу lіght tоnеѕ оf grееn, bluе оr уеllоw wіll brіng lоtѕ оf lіght аnd ѕооthіng аmbіаnсе. Sinks, baths and other permanent fixtures should follow this rule because they’re much harder to replace. 

It makes a smaller bathroom feel bigger, is easy to clean. It holds up to hot steam. You could even take this one step further and tile the ceiling. This trend, executed with natural colors, has timeless appeal.

Freestanding tub

Another benefit of white is that it can be combined with almost any color. To balance the starkness of white, consider colorful towels, art, and rugs that will breathe more life into the room. It’s fine to choose decor that’s stylish and trendy since these elements are easy to replace. 

An additional benefit of white walls is that they help emphasize other materials and elements, such as a marble floor.

A touch of gray to a classic coastal white paint in order to complement the floor. This technique can also work well for tile backsplashes behind a sink or around a bathtub. 

To further play up a coastal or ocean theme, opt for sophisticated color palettes that will continue to feel timeless and approachable. Combining creamy white and sandy beige with soft blues and greens. This supports a versatile color scheme that remains relaxing and comforting for many years to come.

Dаrkеr аnd соntrаѕtіng соlоrѕ wіll, оn thе оthеr hаnd, рrоvіdе а mоrе drаmаtіс fееl аnd bоldеr ѕtаtеmеnt. Colorful tubs, toilets, and sinks have been popular over the years, but they inevitably fall out of style. 

Trend: Freestanding tubs. Timeless: Fits with your décor

The freestanding tub may be the most classic bathroom element. Equal parts sophisticated and enchanting, an elegant bathtub never goes out of style.

Freestanding tubs remind us of a time when relaxation and self-care were of utmost importance. By incorporating one of these tubs into a remodel. 

Freestanding tubs typically conjure images of old clawfoot basins. For those who love retro, classic, or shabby chic styles, this works well.

If your décor preference is more on the contemporary side, you’ve probably passed on the vintage vessels. One of the latest bathroom trends is the freestanding tub, now available in sleeker, more modern designs. 

Trend: Floating vanities. Timeless: Tidy storage and clean lines

This design trend lets you float more than toy boats in the bathtub. Floating vanities are becoming more popular, as they provide ample, out-of-sight storage while giving your bathroom an upscale, airy feel.

The floating vanity may be a fleeting trend, but clean lines and open spaces never go out of style.

Trend: Black fixtures. Timeless: Simple and stylish

Black fixtures can quite possibly fit with every décor. Select them for your farmhouse style in a classic gooseneck shape. Or, choose smooth contours to match your more contemporary or earthy architecture.

Masterbath - Springfield

Trend: Open shower space. Timeless: In the right bathroom

Open, or integrated showers are another bathroom trend for 2018. This can work well if you’ve already taken the floor-to-ceiling tile approach, and you have space.

Like the floating vanity, the open shower gives the bathroom an airy, spacious feel. Just beware of splashing water out onto rugs or any clothes you left in a pile on the floor. Still, we like it, even if it is a bit less practical.

I hope this article has inspired you in your bathroom makeover. If you are looking for a bit of expert advice, give us a call or schedule an appointment with Ozark’s Remodelling.

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