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The shower has long been considered efficient and invigorating for many homeowners and a more convenient alternative to soaking in a tub. Soaker tubs have surged in popularity in the last few years however not everyone has the bathroom space or perhaps physical limitations now require you to use a shower instead. 

Taking a shower is supposed to be a relaxing experience. But for many, bathing can be an uncomfortable or scary daily event. The possibility of falling, getting bruises or ending up in the hospital can turn what should be a relaxing experience into a nightmare. 

The good news? Many bathroom builders have become well informed & skilled with adding shower benches or shower chairs to help avoid falls for high-risk homeowners. Here are some reasons why owning a shower chair is a good idea:

Safety Purposes:

There are many cases in which falls from slipping in the bathroom have turned into broken bones or even more tragic, death. With the help of a shower chair or shower bench, you can help put your mind at ease knowing you can choose to sit and shower should the need arise. With a shower chair or bench installed, it will help to increase safety by decreasing the chance of you falling by providing a secure area in a slippery shower or bath. Shower chairs are especially useful for people with disabilities, the elderlies or for anyone who finds excessive movement painful or difficult. 


One good reason to have a shower chair is to provide a spa-like atmosphere that adds to your relaxation. A shower chair may also be used for mobility’s sake. For instance, if a person has suffered from an injury such as a broken bone they are able to shower without having the need to stand. Someone who is in a wheelchair can easily use the bench to transition from a wheelchair into the shower safely, making the bench an important accessible design feature. 

Storage and Design:

A shower bench can also be used for added storage. This depends on the design of the shower bench that will give space to keep your bathroom supplies underneath the bench. If you’ve got an amazing designer, the shower chair or shower bench will also provide additional value and beauty to your bath. And I bet, your bathroom will be your favorite place to stay. 

Shower chairs come in many colors and designs but you have to make sure of the quality of materials it is made of. Your shower chair should be designed to blend in seamlessly with your shower scheme, providing you comfort and luxury at any time of the day. 

Owning a shower chair is a smart move. It is not only helpful to people with disabilities but to anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing shower experience with peace of mind. Like any other investment, it needs to be well built & maintained in order to keep it looking its best throughout the years.

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