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An outdoor room you can enjoy all year round

Hassle free remodeling

The Details

No Fuss

Time & Money

On time, on budget



Informed at every stage

No Fuss means you're never "fussed" over the status or progress or cost of your project because we guarantee on time and on budget completion. Plus we give you the mobile numbers to both your lead carpenter and the owner.

1) We guarantee fixed price (excluding any hidden, pre-existing damage or change orders);
2) We'll pay you $50 per day for every day that your project goes over time on delivery.

No Muss


Expert carpenters



3 year warranty

No Muss means your project is "never messed up" due to lack of craftsmanship or quality. Everything is installed and built level, plumb, and true.

1) Any flaws in the material or workmanship will be fixed at our expense;
2) Any problems with manufacturer or vendor supplied material or appliances are dealt with by us on your behalf;
3) We guarantee our work for three full years.

No Dust


"Broom clean" each day

No Dust means your home is kept clean during the remodel and professionally cleaned on completion.

We seal off your work area with plastic and leave it "broom clean" at the end of every day. We also use professional cleaners to ensure a "no dust" finish.

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The Ozarks Remodeling Way - and Why That Matters to You


We’ve remodeled the remodeling experience. That means we give our customers a five-part guarantee, so you end up with the Sunroom of your dreams without the typical construction hassles and aggravations.


Everyone wants a bathroom or kitchen that’s clean, functional, and modern. The problem is remodeling is a hassle. Contractors aren’t reliable, projects go over budget, and workmanship often isn’t what it should be.


At Ozarks Remodeling & Design, we did away with all that with our No Fuss, No Muss, No Dust guarantee.

Three easy steps to remodeling

Call an Expert

Let’s discuss your current space issues, project details and price range.

Design your space

Meet with our designer on site to select the perfect design and generate a detailed estimate.

Love Your Space

Be the envy of the neighborhood in a modern new space.

what our customers are saying

Enjoy the outdoors all year round

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