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Bathroom Packages

Bathroom Packages

Bathroom Packages

Three Sizes to Match your home

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Small Bathroom Link

Small Bathroom

40 to 90 square feet

Single sink, tub/shower combination and a toilet.  If this describes your bathroom it is likely 40-90 square feet in size.


Regular Bathroom Link

Regular Bathroom

70 to 125 square feet

A regular bathroom is a little bit larger.  It may have a one or two sinks but a single vanity.  Separate tub and shower along with a toilet.

Big Bathroom Link

Big Bathroom

120 to 300 square feet

This bathroom typically has two sinks and likely two vanities along with other cabinetry.  A large shower, a separate generous tub and a toilet.

The Ozarks Remodeling Way — and Why That Matters to You


We've remodeled the remodeling experience. That means we give our customers a five-part guarantee, so you end up with the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams without the typical construction hassles and aggravations.


Everyone wants a bathroom or kitchen that’s clean, functional, and modern. The problem is remodeling is a hassle. Contractors aren’t reliable, projects go over budget, and workmanship often isn't what it should be.


At Ozarks Remodeling & Design, we did away with all that with our No Fuss, No Muss, No Dust guarantee.

The word “fun” and “renovations” do not naturally go hand in hand. That is until now. Aaron, the founder of Ozarks Remodeling, was watching HGTV and he thought, “Why should they have all the fun?” You know the script. The homeowners disappear. The renovation is madly completed. The owner returns to a  completed and beautiful renovation.

That is Reality TV Magic. Way more TV than reality.

But, it got Aaron thinking. Ozarks Remodeling should do that. So, he created The 7 Days of Fun. You go away on vacation. While sitting on the beach with sand between your toes and umbrellas in your drinks, the Ozarks crew works night and day. While you are away, we do the work. While you are away, the remodel gets done. You return to a stunning new bathroom.

That is Ozarks Remodel Magic.

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