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Galley Kitchens

Below you will find 3 tabs summarizing The Ozark Remodeling Options. These options range from a simple sprucing up your kitchen to a full blown demolition and remodel.

Small Bathroom RefreshThe Ozarks Refresh Program is perfect for the kitchen that works, but feels tired. The kitchen is fine. The layout functions. The cabinets are nice. There are lots of outlets. The lighting is ok. It is just that everything feels a little bit tired and dated. The kitchen could use a sprucing up. With the Ozarks Refresh Program we replace the countertops, repaint the walls, put in new backsplash, sink and faucet. Your kitchen will look like a shiny new penny. There may even be the option to repaint the cabinets or convert to gas. Transformation from tired to refreshed for as little as $15K.

Choose to “Refresh” a Galley Kitchens

Rebuild a Small BathroomThe Ozarks Rebuild Program was created for the kitchen that needs a bit more than a sprucing up. You are happy with the layout. The appliances and sink are in the right place. The kitchen is the right size. What you really want are soft close doors and drawers, more ways to organize, and how about a pot drawer. Or the look of hidden hinges? It is time for the cabinets to go. With the Ozarks Rebuild Program we will replace the kitchen cabinets and flooring, install new countertops and backsplash, and update the sink and faucet. Maybe even put in that double oven you have been eyeing. When we are done, you will find it hard to remember what it used to feel like. Your kitchen is more than refreshed.

Choose to “Rebuild” a Galley Kitchens

Rebuild a Small BathroomWish the fridge was in a different place? How about the sink? Are you constantly unplugging appliances because of the lack of outlets? How about the lighting? Would the kitchen be perfect if it was just slightly larger, or had a double oven? You love your home, but your kitchen is the center of your universe. It is time to make it the centerpiece of your home… the beating heart. With the Ozarks Remodel Program you create the kitchen of your dreams. The layout will become more functional. Walls may even move. You are only limited by your imagination. New layout. New countertops and backsplash. New floors and cabinets. All the organization features you want. Outlets in the right place. Build in that sound system. New sink and faucet. A new, perfect kitchen. Your home is now complete.

The Ozarks Remodeling Way — and Why That Matters to You


We've remodeled the remodeling experience. That means we give our customers a five-part guarantee, so you end up with the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams without the typical construction hassles and aggravations.


Everyone wants a bathroom or kitchen that’s clean, functional, and modern. The problem is remodeling is a hassle. Contractors aren’t reliable, projects go over budget, and workmanship often isn't what it should be.


At Ozarks Remodeling & Design, we did away with all that with our No Fuss, No Muss, No Dust guarantee.
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